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Three County Council Members look to cut spending, lower tax rates

Council members Delauter (District 5), Chmelik (District 2) and Shreve (At-large) want to cut the tax rate back to the constant yield rate, depriving the county of $4.2 million in revenues. They are not saying what they will cut to pay for this, but the amount is eerily similar to the proposed increase over MOE Executive Gardner has proposed for education. Lets hope that Council members Donald (District 1), Fitzwater (District 3), Keegan-Ayer (District 4) and Otis (At-large) don’t fall for this short sighted and costly mistake


UPDATE:  In a positive move, even as this cut in the tax rate was discussed, Council members Delauter and Shreve voiced support for the above MOE funding included in Executive Gardner’s budget.