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Show your support – Less Testing, More Learning in Schools

Please take 2 minutes to visit this page to show your support for Maryland legislation aimed to reduce the impact of required testing (not teacher developed tests) on our students. Here’s a quick summary:


–Setting a cap of 2% for how much instructional time can be devoted to mandated standardized testing.
–Creating transparency in testing through regular reporting to parents about mandated standardized tests in each school district.
–Ensuring that the PARCC test cannot be used in teacher and principal evaluations, which only encourages heightened focus and pressure on standardized testing performance.
–Reducing the months-long disruption caused by the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment by changing it to a sampling test rather than a test given to every student.
–Applying to the federal government to seek innovation in testing so districts can experiment with performance-based assessments rather than PARCC.
–Establishing state and local assessment task forces to evaluate what tests are truly useful to educators and students.
–Allowing for the opt-out of any testing for special education students/parents when an approved IEP accommodation is not allowed.